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Team Dungeon II
2 days ago

In this video, you can see how Team Dungeon II works. 

Good news, we are also going to start working on our YouTube channel again!

It would be nice if you ...

Jobs - Start Earning Money!
15 days ago


Jobs allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job.
There are currently 7 jobs that you can earn money with. At the start of your ranks you can only have 2 jobs but as you rankup you can have a maximum of 5 jobs! You have the ability to leave a job and join a new one. Your progress is not totally lost but there is a penalty of 20% once you leave a job.

The guide of CommunityRealm
15 days ago

Dear players of CommunityRealm.

Welcome to this part of our CommunityRealm forum.
A guide that helps you everywhere.
You'll find each guide in one of the game modes you need help with.

With kind regards

GriefPrevention - Claims and Subclaims!
15 days ago

Grief Prevention allows you to protect your home and anything else you build from damage or theft. All it takes is a wooden shovel and a couple of clicks - it's that simple!

Claim Management

/abandonallclaims - Deletes all of your claims
/abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in
/abandontoplevelclaim - Deletes a claim and all of its subdivisions
/claimexplosions - Toggles TNT usage in claim
/claimslist - Lists information about your claims
/giveclaim - Gives your claim to another user

MCMMO - Part 3 (Leveling Up Guide)
15 days ago


Archery is an aggressive skill in McMMO. It includes passive abilities and can be leveled to actively deal more damage.
Archery is difficult to level up. You can  level this up by shooting players in PvP and mobs who have not spawned from a spawner.​

Passive Ability

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